Water Damage

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Water damage is uncompromising and can be devastating. The stress incurred by loss of the use of your property is bad enough but the loss of irreplaceable pictures and family heirlooms can be a tremendous strain. This article will outline some steps you can use to prevent loss to such items. – Prevention is the key – Per the adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of Cure,” the best way to prevent loss of irreplaceable pictures and family heirlooms is by eliminating or severely reducing the ability to lose said items.

Preventing the ability to lose or damage such items is the key to enjoying the maximum pleasure and benefit such items convey for the longest amount of time. – Image all irreplaceable documents and pictures to your PC – Most people have some form of scanning device in their home or place of business but for those who do not, and for those who do not have the time, interest, or technological ability to do it themselves, there are low cost services that will image these items for a nominal cost. – Synchronize your iDevices, cameras, and other electronic devices to your PC – iPhones, iPads, touch devices, and other similar items that allow the user to take pictures, download personal items, or otherwise express themselves creatively, are lost, stolen, and damaged every day so all of the personal data contained on such device is forever lost.

For most people, synchronizing such device is as simple as plugging their device into their PC. More advanced users may have turned off the autostart process but can reactivate the service by simply running the original application. – Regularly backup your PC – People seem to forget one basic tenant of computer law… computers are machines… it is not if they will break down but when. Many times computers break down at the most inconvenient times and unless the user has backed up their PC to some external source – i.e. flash drive, file server, Internet backup, etc., all of the files, documents, pictures, etc. on such PC are lost until such time their PC is fixed or their data is retrieved. The entire nightmare scenario can be avoided by simply backing up the PC. – Keep all original and PC backups in a safe storage area off the premises – This should go without saying but many people keep the backup directly next to the source. While this may not matter in the scenario of a computer crash, should the user experience fire or water damage, then it is reasonable to assume that something that killed the source can kill the backup.

It is a best practice to keep the backup in a safe place separate from the source. – Use only copies or electronic images – Now that all irreplaceable pictures and family heirlooms are safely backed up and stored away, the enjoyment of such items should not be lost in the attempt to protect such items. The electronic reproduction of such items will afford the utility such items provide with the peace of mind knowing that the originals are secure from loss or damage. Truly a win-win scenario. Unfortunately, these words of wisdom may come too late for your needs. Should this be the case, then a professional water damage restoration company may be able to refer your electronic devices to a qualified recovery center for possible repair or data recovery. Any paper or non-electronic items, however, may be lost depending on the conditions of the loss. It is clear that the best key to recovery is prevention.